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First Step in Forex Success: Taking Responsibility

Regardless of how oversimplified it may sound, the first true step in trading forex successfully should be taking full and unconditional responsibility for realizing that success. Many people believe they fully understand that idea as they consider themselves very responsible, yet their actions and results speak otherwise.

It is your responsibility to learn how to trade successfully by learning the principles that can help you including fundamental, technical and psychological analysis. You are responsible to devise a systematic and rational way to trade the markets based on those principles as well as develop badly needed discipline to follow such system at all moments.

Sincerely, if you truly take full responsibility, you can not blame anyone for what happens to you. Brokers are not guilty since you have a power to change them. If their bad executions had caused you harm in the short term, then take that as an expensive learning lesson and move on to find long term solution.

Market is not guilty because it is completely unaware of you. It could not help you or hurt you even if it wanted to. The market is so big that we, as individuals, are all just a drop in an ocean of ever perpetual price movements. And who ever calls you and distracts you on the most important moment of a day certainly is not forcing you to keep your phone connected. Even if you tried to work from home where you can not enjoy peace, you can certainly find places accessible to you where you can concentrate properly whether that may be inside your basement, local library or other public places with internet access.

Taking responsibility also means you should not even blame yourself for past failures in realizing your goals. If you do that, you might be pushing yourself very close to accepting that you are just not capable of trading successfully. Regretting certain event means you truly believe that the outcome of those events can not be changed. Otherwise, why would you feel bad about something that happened if you know you can change it all and make it all better?

It is your responsibility to get better and learn on past experiences– it is not your responsibility to vine about past failures and attack who ever you choose to in order to excuse failures. Thus, playing a blame game is a sign of temporary weakness and not a sign of fully taking responsibility.

As soon as you fully realize that you are responsible, you should feel a huge wave of relief overcome you – a relief because if it all depends only on you, then you can actually do it all and realize your goals. Nobody can stop you then, not even you yourself.


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